Textile Print

Réparation(s) is the result of a ritual process lead by Saturne Camus-Govoroff along the year 2020.
It started with the request of a family member to make a photographic archive of their African masks’ collection. As a photographer, Saturne was already reflecting on the substantive value of an image and the meaning of archiving. In this case, the political aspect of the work couldn’t be ignored. From a decolonial perspective, the artist called into question the belonging of the collections itself, and the symbolic these masks carry within their own family history. Trying to trace back their own genealogy, Saturne addressed issues they had to dismantle from their education in photography school. White gaze, fetishization, cultural appropriation are the political concepts that emerged from this deeply reflective process of creation.

Réparation(s) was part of the exhibition Mémoire (2020) at Douanes de Paris (FR).